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MORGUE TERROR is a two-man Death metal project from Buffalo, NY. David Jurenovich (guitarist) and Steve Lipka (bassist and vocalist) have recorded five songs and compiled them in an EP that will see the light next January 5th. Morgue Terror will be a self-released EP and will set the beginning for this duo. The band is very new in the scene, but these musicians are very eager to leave a trace with the upcoming recording. There’s a lot to discover about this extreme act that enjoys experimenting with different styles. David explains more about the horror behind their creation. Stay close to what he states and check out this new offering in a couple of weeks.  


Do you guys feel proud of bands like CANNIBAL CORPSE and MALEVOLENT CREATION which came out from Buffalo, NY? Does this impose any additional pressure on the project’s expectations? “… Thank you for having us and giving us this opportunity! Zero pressure!  Buffalo doesn’t death metal anymore and is more a modern metal/rock, arena rock and cover band town. It’s a thing of the past and we’re here to bring back the brutality and energy. Educate the youth of our area on how important our area was for death metal. BAPHOMET, SEPLOPHILE and GRAVE DESCENT were big players at one point too…” 


What do you guys do for a living? Will this fascination about what happens inside a morgue have any career related desire in the future? “…We work in a warehouse that’s mundane and redundant. It pays the bills. It would be a dream to do this full time, but they cut off was around 2000. We’d have to be in our mid-late 40’s by now and be established musically. The scene was different, and more money went to the bands. Streaming helps people discover bands, but it is impossible to make a living off. Streaming has replaced album sales in the present and well people don’t buy physical copies like they used to. That means less income unless you’re well established by now like SUFFOCATION, CANNIBAL CORPSE or DYING FETUS. The band name was conceived from the end of the first terrifier movie. Art came back to life, rose out of the body bag and killed the coroner…” 


What’s the idea behind the clown that chases you guys in the official video and the one in the EP cover? “… As previously stated, it’s Art from the terrifier movies. The artist we worked with gave us a similar concept but not the same character which would get us into serious trouble. We love the movies too much to not want to cause an issue…” 


Will the Clown be a recurrent character or icon to develop, even on stage, like some extreme bands do, like EXHUMED does with Dr. Filthy, just to mention one example?  “… Who knows. Anything is possible…”


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Are you guys excited about releasing the debut EP? What can we expect as listeners? “… Of course! We spent most of 2023 starting the band and a lot of work went into this EP. We aim to mix fans of old school and new school death metal. The new movement of OSDM is killer and the classics are just that. They gave us this glorious genre we all love. We want to be more than Death metal, a little slam, a little dissonance, maybe some death/doom and the old school. We have songs that blend some of that and don’t want to stick to one death metal sub-genre…”


Where did you guys record the EP? Did anyone else apart from Brian was involved in the recording process? “… Watchmen Studios in Lockport, New York. Doug White runs the studio and did a good job overall between recording, producing, mixing. he’s a one-man wrecking crew and we love it. Doug suggested us a lot of ideas (almost 1 to 2 ideas per song!) to the point he was a 3rd member of the band. We’re excited to build this relationship with him…”


How did collaboration with Brian Mason from CONTRARIAN get to the debut EP Morgue Terror? “… Brian and Dave are friends, he asked him to do a solo feature and ended up doing a second one as well. He did the lead on “Salt The Wound” and the ending solo on “Nightstalker”…”


Are you guys looking for more members in order to play live on stage and tour or is that something that doesn’t bother you? “… We grabbed a drummer in the beginning of November 2023 and were currently writing for our second EP. We go back to Watchmen to record in late February 2024. We’re an old school trio and plan to keep It that way. The debut is under 17:50 which is barely feasible for a set and we are going to try to avoid doing covers. We add 20-25 minutes of material and then we can do 25–30-minute sets. After the studio we are going to plan out our release dates and PR working out the second effort. Internal discussion has us getting out to buffalo and Rochester late spring/early summer. For now, that’s our guesstimated time when we hit the stage…”

What’s special about this Death metal, that you choose to channel your ideas with this type of music? “… As previously stated, we want to bring the old and young DM fans, as well as the sound. A lot of bands in the genre are consistent in their sound and we don’t want to do that. We want to strive for different songs and albums that are unique and interesting…”


What do you have in mind for its release on January 5th? What physical formats will be available to purchase? “… Definitely not. We’re average joes that have bills to pay like the next person. But, after the second EP we’re going to be doing some sort of merch run to sell at shows and online (based on inventory). CDs will be in the works, maybe cassettes and vinyl are way too much right now until we get some sort of income from the band. We’ve put enough money down to where we need to take a break for a bit until we record in February. Then we will need to pay for the studio, PR and in a few months in April/May do a small merch run. And maybe print a small number of CDs to start. All depends on pricing. We’re finding out how costly it is to start up a band right with PR and a music video. We don’t want to be an average local band releasing a new song every year or a full length every 5 years. Content is important and you got to keep putting your band out there…”


What are some more plans for this upcoming 2024. When you guys become worldwide know will you move to Florida? “… Absolutely not. Sorry not sorry New York is superior for Death metal. DEATH and OBITUARY shred but our state gave us SUFFOCATION, birthed CANNIBAL CORPSE, PYREXIA, IMMOLATION, CONTRARIAN, MALEVOLENT CREATION (kinda), TORTUROUS INCEPTION, and countless others. There are some killer young bands out now between INERTIA (Buffalo tech death/deathcore), DISSONANT SEEPAGE (Rochester caveman slam), ALIEN AUTOPSY (Rochester DM) and SULACO (death/grind legends from Rochester, Brian shreds in).  Notice those bands are from Rochester? It’s a hot spot for the genre and Buffalo doesn’t have death metal. We’re here to change that. We can debate this all day until we’re blue in the face. As we’ve said we’re recording in February of 2024 and hope to drop it at one point next year after our debut in January.  Hoping we’re show ready in late spring/early summer by April/May and kick some ass.


Any last comments for the project’s new fans and for the Scriptorium readers. “… Preorder our EP on Bandcamp, listen on Spotify/Apple Music/ wherever the hell you stream. Tell your friends, your dogs, your cats, your mom and even your deceased homies (it’s death metal after all…right?).  If you love our music, tell everyone you socialize with. Follow us on social media, we’re everywhere. If you live in the area when we start playing shows, we’d love to see you at one! Thanks for the opportunity and long live Death metal!

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