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Abel Oliva is one of the most prolific musicians I know. Music flows in his veins in so many different ways. This incredible and talented artist is the mastermind of numerous bands and projects. NAUREA is still metal but with more electronic and industrial sounds added to it. It’s a different universe but reveals everything that I told in the first sentence. Diktatoren is the filth album and intends to plant the seed of hate to fight Totalitarian regimes. I truly enjoyed reading this interview, I hope you have a good time as well. Viva Cuba Libre!


Let’s place readers in context. NAUREA (the alien behind this corporeal human suit) is a musician (?) from Cuba. Did NAUREA start in Cuba or when you went to live in Switzerland? “… Before, I spent a long time sleeping in the hibernation chamber of the mother ship located in the ZX quadrant on the hidden part of the moon. Later I decided to study humans and there was nothing better than doing it in a regime of madness and repression, as communist regimes usually are. That's why I spent long years ruminating hate on that cursed island that is where the sound of NAUREA was born, giving it solidity by moving to the country of cheeses, on a journey of capitalist reaffirmation…”

Is Diktatoren dedicated to Fidel Castro’s dictatorial regime or any other totalitarian ruler? “… The album is dedicated to dictators in general, of any ideology, although Communists/Nazi-Fascists are the majority because both ideologies are part of a snake that bites its own tail…”

You have been a member and composed music for many bands and personal projects. If you were to place NAUREA in a winning podium, where would you place it in terms of your preference? “… It's like when you have many children (or larvae if you are a reptilian) when the house (or the spaceship) burns, which one would you save? NAUREA has a very special place because it is what allows me to vomit my hatred towards society, humans, planet Earth, something very dense and dark moves the threads of this project, and only wearing a gas mask had allowed me to continue among your society of useless fools…”

I am not a natural consumer of what NAUREA is proposing in terms of music, but I am very looking forward to listening to this new album. How’d you describe this album, music wise, to a new listener? “…You would have to have a giant mixer and add EDM, hardcore, industrial metal, doses of madness and delirium, sarcasm, commercial and silly patterns; everything necessary to spend 45 minutes listening to an album without stopping smiling, feeling that you should get on with it, dance a polka while shouting at the top of your lungs the name of a dictator followed by "die, son of a bitch!..."

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The album was composed by you in Switzerland, and to my surprise, the album was mixed and mastered by Deepblast Studios in Havana, Cuba. Why did you choose this studio in particular? “… I have been doing some previous projects with DBS, I think it does it very well, and by the way, I want to give that different touch to what I think about the mix (I threatened to vaporize it with a laser beam, so it seems they are taking a lot of care) So, this way I also helped them live a little better and finish leaving the prison island (he doesn't want to go to outer space, sad)…”

“Castro in Hell” is a great song with a firm statement. Was it written before or after the Cuban dictator went to Hell? In what circle of hell, taking Dante’s Inferno description, would you place Castro? “… The song was written during the events of 9/11, I felt that the M*F* dictator, despite being wallowing in the mud of hell, was having a not so bad time. If no one made fun of him by vomiting blasphemies against him. We must not let him rest until his name is erased from history, his houses demolished, and his putrid grave turned into a public shithole…”

There’s no doubt that being stupid, especially on social media, has become a trend. To what extent stupidity is destroying human beings? “… I think it won't be long until society is effectively divided between a race of proto-human worms and a small elite that feeds them self-satisfied apps and pre-cooked meals. This new race will happily work at anything just to keep taking selfies and devouring his plate of fries. Luckily, I will be far away, looking from the skylight of my ship, and smiling knowing that my predictions were true…”

It's fantastic news that Manuel Varela (SECTARIUM/ SPIRITUS/ K.K) recorded a guitar solo for a song. How did you make that possible? Will there be more of this killer collaboration in the future? “…Oh yeah! It was a pleasure to bring back Mr. Varela, a true friend at all times. Surely we will continue to cooperate with each other. Now, I am helping him with the execution of a new album for SPIRITUS. In these days of 5G connection and ultra-fast internet, it is not a problem to do this, even for someone like me who lives in the cold shadows of the back of the moon…”

What will happen with Diktatoren after its release this January 2024? “…I know that few will listen to the album, but whoever wants to find the message will look for it. I will continue promoting it on the same networks that I call idiotizing, haha. I will also produce a video for each song on the album at the rate of one per month. Already thinking about a second album dedicated with all my painstaking hatred towards dictators currently in power. My life will not be long, my hatred will...”

It’s a pleasure and an honor to have you in our pages with any of your bands and projects. State some words for the listeners and our readers. “…I only ask your readers to learn to think for themselves, and if they want to listen to something outside of what is fashionable, then there they have Diktatoren. Be yourself, and your truth will set you free…”

PS. I don't accept calls to pay the spaceship, I don't sign autographs, I don't take selfies and I don't eat McD's burgers!

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