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Eminent Proclivity Promotions has asked Death maniacs HORRID DEMISE if they would come to perform The Auditory Annihilation Dos at the Haltom Theater in Fort Worth, Texas on July 1st, 2023. What an honor, they said yes!! HORRID DEMISE, founded in 2017, is coming in hot straight from Amarillo, Texas.


Lineup includes:

George Alcaraz - guitars

Josh Klause - drums

Anthony Pierce - vokills

Nick Damian - bass


1. When was the last time Horrid Demise performed in the DFW area?

George - "The last time HORRID DEMISE was in Dallas was back in April 2019 for the NECROSIS CD release show."


2. What is it like for you guys to come back to the area?

George - "We’re very excited to be back after four long years. Dallas has always treated us well and all the bands we have played with have been very supportive. Dallas is definitely our favorite place to play outside our hometown."


3. What song(s) would you say brings out the band’s most fierce characteristics on stage? What can we expect?

George - "Our latest release 'Death Awaits Us All' is definitely our most characteristic song since it shaped the band after a lineup changed. It seems the band is getting better in each release."


4. Is there a message you guys are out to set when writing? If so, what is it?

George - "We don’t have a specific message we’re trying to send out, but we are a horror storytelling type of band. We've written about our favorite movies and true crime events."


5. Can you tell us a bit about two girls on a chainsaw?

George - "Two Girls, One Chainsaw” is based on the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. We tried to make it as brutal as the movie. The song is one the first songs HD has written."

pic resized.jpg

6. What's the scene like in Amarillo?

George - The Amarillo scene is alive and throwing punches. It’s not where it used to be but there are some awesome bands here that I love. TRENCHRAT is one of the bands you most definitely need to check out."


7. What’s next for HORRID DEMISE? Any upcoming releases?

George - "We’re definitely planning on going back into the studio real soon, hopefully, if life doesn’t tend to fuck with us. We have a few shows lined up for the summer but most definitely hitting the studio."


8. What experiences have you had with The Auditory Annihilation Dos sponsors?

George - "Our experience has been nothing but good vibes. We have connected more with our Dallas fan base now than ever. Having us on the bill is a privilege and honor. Y’all have shown us so much love and support. Much appreciated, thank you."


9. Any words of encouragement for others coming into all metal communities? How about your fans?

George - "Keep on trucking guys, no matter what. It’s not an easy path but well worth it. When you've built your fan base, put your music out there. Without the footwork, you won’t get anymore, so go out there and network with your metal family."


10. How excited are you about performing for your fans, Eminent Proclivity Promotions, and The Auditory Annihilation Dos at the Haltom Theater?

George - "We’re stoked to get a chance to play for y’all again. Especially in a stacked lineup with bands we listen to and look up too. To be honest, kind of nervous. We’ve been waiting to play at the famous Haltom Theatre. I get to see all my homies' bands play there, so finally we will have a chance to perform there is a dreamy feeling."


Thank you, George and HORRID DEMISE.


Facebook: horriddemisetx

Twitter: horriddemise

Instagram: horrid_demise

Bandcamp site: horriddemisetx

By Analaura Saenz Hernandez from EPP

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