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“My thought process is ‘Holy God, why can’t I find a stable band?’ or ‘What was I thinking?’ haha just kidding!”   ~ Ronnie Parmer


Ronnie Parmer (Drums)

Born: May 21, 1979.

Origin: Tampa, Florida.


Current active bands:



Previous bands:



The rhythm that has intensified melodically into our everyday homes and throughout our world stages are well known through the beating of Ronnie Parmer’s drums. A man dedicated to music as well as very devoted to his family and friends. Not quite hitting his prime yet, Ronnie is always striving to do more musically than he has in his past, or as he says it, “I feel like the best is yet to come!” I was very curious about what lays amass of such brutality, movement, and talent. So naturally, I jump in. Enjoy and thank you for reading.


What was you very first instrument and at what age?

First instrument for me was piano around seven years old. I was learning church songs while my older brother was learning to play his guitar to heavy metal and rock music. At the time he wasn’t very good and didn’t even know how to tune it. He left one weekend and I snuck in his room and brought his guitar into my room and had learned two songs as well as learned how to tune the guitar by the time he came back home that weekend lol I was so excited to show him I didn’t even care he was gonna be pissed I messed with his stuff haha.


Obviously and respectfully, it seems that you were assigned the gifts of greatness and respect within all metal communities nationally and at society as a whole. What influences lead you to dedicate your life to the metal music genre?

I am nowhere near being greatness, but I appreciate the kind words.  I’m just an average Joe who loves music. I have many influences that have drawn me to metal music. Growing up in Tampa there was an abundance of metal and death metal influences. I loved the music; I loved the excitement of opening the booklet from a new tape or cd and reading all the lyrics and looking at the band photos and thinking how badass they looked haha. I even remember the distinct smell opening that new tape or cd or even record. So many experiences have guided the way and way too many personal influencers to name but just install any old school metal or death metal names here and mostly all of them are reasons why I love metal to this day.


Is there another music genre you enjoy feeling out on drums or taking in as a form of meditation?

I will drum along to any genre really. You can find or create cool patterns in all music no matter the genre. If you single yourself out to just one or two styles, then you’re hindering yourself.


Is your mindset on stage being brought out by Ronnie as a whole enthusiast or is it a character represented depending on each song or band?

Maybe a little bit of both because most of the bands I play live with I am trying to put myself in the shoes or thought process of the drummer who played on the actual tune. I am usually trying to perform the song the way the original player did it. Especially for the more well known or established bands. People are there to hear the music they know and love and aren’t there to hear a bunch of random drum fills or some enthusiasts take on a particular song but in the same token I am not them so I’m sure a little of my character does slip in here and there unintentional every once in a while, lol.

What is your thought process as you journey into a new project?

My thought process is ‘Holy God why can’t I find a stable band’ or ‘what was I thinking’ haha just kidding but honestly it depends what project it might be. If it’s something that’s already established then I go into mimic mode but if it’s something from scratch then my thought process changes and I have an even harder job of writing my own parts but also the freedom of not being wrong in where that fill went, lol.


What fuels you, keeps you up, and running hard at multi huge successful bands on top of the everyday “life on life” coming at you?

My friends and family fuel me, fans fuel me, the music fuels me, the once in a lifetime experience fuels me. I’m lucky to have the support I have in my life.


What upcoming albums are you currently releasing or recording and with which band?

Will be a re-release of the first BLOODMESSIAH album, Cryptic Perversions. It’s been re-recorded and revamped, as well as the third BLOODMESSIAH album ‘Winds of Decadence’ being finished for an early 2024 release. Also, PERDITION TEMPLE will be releasing a new full length in 2024 as well. I will be on TRENCH WARFARE’s new album they are wrapping up. Also, I will be on HAUNTED (Lakeland FL.) new album. Others in the works right now too. I know I’m probably forgetting stuff. I know INSATANITY and BLIGHTMASS are working on some new tunes to send me.


What tours/showcases do you have lined up for the coming future?

European tour coming up with MALEVOLENT CREATION sept/oct. Lots of stuff lining up for 2024 for all the bands really.


Ronnie’s word of encouragement:

Only surround yourself with people who believe in you and support you. Not only through the good times but through the bad times. Don’t let anyone make you feel like you can’t. Push yourself to do things out of your comfort zone and don’t listen to haters, believe in yourself, and most important, practice, practice, practice!


Thank you, Mr. Parmer!

Analaura Saenz Hernandez

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