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Old School US Thrash Metal Group RETCHED Joins Sliptrick Records.

Sliptrick Records / Scriptorium Magazine


Logan Makiah, Doug Jackson, Mike Duley, Roger Guzman, and David DerMinasian were the original members of RETCHED back in the late 80's coming out of their original group called AVATAR. Due to various management problems, their first EP, The Overlord Messiah never saw the light of day. The EP will now be released with a refreshed production by David DerMinasian via Sliptrick Records with hopes that original members of the band will be working together in the future. RETCHED will be coming to the world loud and heavy with two new singles; “Horrific” and “What Kind of World '' which will be followed by a full CD release. RETCHED is David DerMinasian (all instruments) now.

More about RETCHED:
“… I am David DerMinasian and I am the solo artist for RETCHED I am old school Thrash Metal. I'm originally from Del Rey, Ca., a small farming town in Fresno County California. I have recently completed my home studio and I am currently working on my new single called "Horrific". It will be available on all digital platforms by the end of 2020 or soon after that. It is also the title track of my next full-length album to be released on CD and Vinyl later next year in 2022 But in these uncertain times it could take longer…”
“… I have come back to the scene after 30 years of being gone. I released an older EP called: "The Overlord Messiah". It is a "True Metal” EP recorded in 1988 by my first band called "AVATAR" but was never released till 2017. I am still hoping my old band mates will contact me so I can get them on board for "The Overlord Messiah" EP. It can be found here: and on all the links here on my page….”
“… It was a very awesome experience that the Metal communities around the world have welcomed me back to the scene after all these years. This release has been abandoned since 1988 all these years sitting in my drawer in my house for nearly 30 years all the while I would take it out every 5 to 10 years and spin it a few times then put it away wishing I could have released it to the world. After I decided to come back to the scene and write music again, I started my journey to put my new music together it took a few years till I was realistically able to get to this point but in the meantime, I released this record of my old band while I bring you my newest work: "Horrific". I first released "The Overlord Messiah" on Band Camp then about 40 days later I had three record label offers. I chose a limited run with Alone Records in Greece. Now I am an independent artist with CD Baby. This only proves one thing: You can't kill the metal…"

Scriptorium Magazine proudly promotes this artist whose devotion to Thrash metal has no boundaries. This particular genre involves a lot of nostalgia and passion. David comments: “…Thrash metal to me means complete freedom of speech and artistic expression in a world where the powers that be constantly find ways to minimize freedoms more and more. To speak up against the inequality and double standard set by the rich and the powerful. To remind people that we need to think for ourselves and not be brainwashed by the news and the media and so-called things that are supposed to be popular and trending. However, most of all to remind the people to be original instead of following the herd, lead the herd, that's what Thrash Metal means to me…”

It’s a fact, RETCHED is back to life. Dreams come true if you follow them and work hard, but it’s always intriguing to reveal why now, what was the main reason of bringing RETCHED to life, David answers: “… I started RETCHED because I decided to come back to the metal scene in 2016 and start my own brand of Old School Thrash Metal to the world. It's been hard and very expensive getting my studio together and having to learn about all the different things involved with doing your own music engineering and production. Then Covid came through and ruined everything for a while after that I had a slew of my own share of personal issues with my physical health and my gear breaking down and several upgrades and changes, I wanted to blow my brains out…”

As previously stated, RETCHED got a deal with Sliptrick Records to release The Overlord Messiah EP, but let’s know more in details about this agreement, David explains: “…I got signed with Sliptrick records from doing a promo with my friends at: Metal Devastation Radio at: I did a big promotional campaign with them, and Sliptrick Records took notice of it. The CEO of Sliptrick Records: Carlo Muselli contacted me, and we began discussing the possibilities of a nonexclusive record distribution deal with a 50/50 split half for the label and half for the band. That means that I hold the copyrights to my music and have the right to enter more distribution deals that are equally "Non-Exclusive" so I wish for as many distributors as I could get that do physical stores…”

David keeps himself very busy and sometimes it’s not easy to juggle from daily responsibilities to music. Time becomes an enemy, but perseverance and love for music always prevail. David expands on what he’s currently working on: “…I just released on January-18-2024 "The Overlord Messiah" on digital platforms everywhere with Sliptrick Records. I also just finished the new version of "Horrific". It is available on my website only right now at: and for a limited time I'm giving it free to all that want a copy as a special promotion. In addition, every track from "The Overlord Messiah" is also available. Just go to my website and you will see the play button on the bottom of my page and on the far right there is a download button. It is officially releasing on February-22-2024 on digital platforms everywhere as well…”
“… I'm working on a new single right now called: "What Kind of World" which will be released here in the near future also on Digital platforms everywhere. Then I am releasing a 13 track CD with Sliptrick Records. It will be a compilation of all the discography from RETCHED; it will be titled: RETCHED 1988 - 2024. It will have the six tracks from "The Overlord Messiah" as a bonus offer plus seven more new tracks that I'm working on at this time. The two singles: "Horrific" and "What Kind of World" will be on the CD plus five more tracks coming up. The CD RETCHED 1988 - 2024 will be in physical stores in: Japan, North and South America, Netherlands, Central and Southern Europe, Australia and New Zealand…”

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Shipping costs suck! Get 6 digital copies  for $2.99

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