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Israeli Thrash/Death metallers NAIL WITHIN Release lyric video for new album single, "Years of Madness", Feat. Eric Peterson of TESTAMENT!

Mona Miluski & ALL NOIR / photo: Eyal Peer


November 17, 2023 will see Israel-based thrash / death metal band NAIL WITHIN return with their long-awaited comeback album, Sound of Demise, via Massacre Records. The album pre-sale is available at:

Following previously-released, first album appetizers, "Bleeding Society" (feat. Tom Angelripper) and the thunderous track "Eyes Of Evil", NAIL WITHIN have just premiered a lyric video for their new single "Years Of Madness", featuring a guest appearance of TESTAMENT's Eric Peterson! The new clip is now streaming below:

"It’s a tribute song to L.G Petrov (Entombed) who passed away 2 years ago. It's a tribute song to the early days of the extreme death metal scene in the underground", NAIL WITHIN frontman Yishai Sweartz reveals. "Growing up with the early records of Entombed, Carnage, Morbid Angel, Bolt Thrower, etc., these were the years of madness when the genre was real and authentic! There was excitement in the air and we all felt that we are part of a new exciting movement far away from the public's eye. The tape trading, the fanzines, the "no rip off here" on the flyers, the crazy shows and the cult feeling, truly years of madness.

This song features a great guitar solo by Eric Peterson from Testament, one of the best thrash metal guitarists ever."

NAIL WITHIN was formed in 2001 by singer Yishai Swearts, guitarist Alex Shuster, bassist “Evil” Haim, and drummer Barak Miko Zait, rising from the ashes of two longtime collectives in Israel's underground music scene (Betrayer and Azazel), and featuring guitarist Matan Cohen and drummer Nir Nakav.

Following their critically acclaimed, self-titled debut album in early 2003 through Listenable Records, the band went on hiatus just a year later. Matan Cohen signed his other band Betzefer to Roadrunner Records and started a successful career touring with acts as Sepultura, Lamb Of God, Fear Factory and others, Alex Shuster moved to California and joined the legendary sludge band "-(16)-" (Relapse Records), Evil Haim toured the world with Israeli punk icons Useless ID, played in multiple local bands and opened a DIY punk record label (Taklitin Holim) while Yishai Sweartz became predominant metal promoter in Israel and formed Tomorrows Rain (A.O.P Records) where he joined forces with Nir Nakav (who continued to play in Salem).

Through the years, all the band members kept in touch and in 2022 Shuster and Sweartz started to talk about "hey this year it's 20 years to the debut." kind of talk, a week later a couple of new songs were written, and the band decided to continue their creative momentum. As a result, a full album was written and recorded in Israel/USA with 11 new songs. Picking up from where the band left with their debut 20 years ago but introducing new dimensions that make it more relevant for this day and age, Sound of Demise sees NAIL WITHIN return angry, dynamic and full of intensity!

Produced by Alex Shuster and mastered by Maor Appelbaum, the album also features guest appearances from Tom Angleripper (Sodom), Eric Peterson (Testament) and Bobby Ferry -(16)-. Slated for a release on November 17, 2023 via Massacre Records, pre-order your album copy now at:

Sound Of Demise track listing:
01. Bleeding Society
02. Eyes Of Evile
03. Sound Of Demise
04. Regression… And The Price We Pay
05. Duplicate Our Lives
06. Years Of Madness
07. Everything We Know
08. Words As Weapons
09. Manipulated And Doomed
10. Severe Suffering
11. Isolate

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Mona Miluski

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