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TOMORROW'S RAIN is one of the best Doom metal productions in recent years.  They have once again placed Israel on the metal map. "Hollow" is an album full of influences and incredible collaborations. It is a revisited and self-made concept. Yishai Sweartz, the vocalist, is in charge of describing the wonderful trails they travel.

It would be a crime not to ask a band from Israel about the scene in your country: What bands would you highlight and how do you remember the rising of metal?

The scene started here in the mid of the '80s, the first band was SALEM then at the beginning of the '90s ORPHANED LAND started to make it really big, in the last 20 years we get a lot of big known names to play shows here, everyone from Satyricon and Carcass to Kreator and Paradise Lost, bands comes here all the time.

The recent interesting bands here are of course ORPHANED LAND but also ARALLU, DIM AURA, DESERT, SCARDUST, SUBTERRANEAN MASQUERADE, and many others.


There is a French band called Moonskin and they move on a doom chord and with a girl as the vocalist. Is that the band where you played previously?

No, "our" MOONSKIN started by me in 2002 in Israel and we stopped in 2006.


It can be said that Tomorrow Rain is the product of the dissatisfaction of previous works, although there is a theme created under Moonskin. By the way, are you aware that the rain as a metaphor that symbolizes change?

Tomorrow's Rain is not a product of the dissatisfaction of past bands, no, it’s a solid unique band with zero connection to the bands I played in the '90s, MOONSKIN was simply our first name, it was not another band.


Is melancholy or sadness the fire and fuel for songwriting in bands with musical themes close to Doom metal or one can be a happy and joyful human being and play this type of music? READ MORE...

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